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We are a collective dedicated to providing a platform for young artists and writers.

We run clubnights, print zines, hold filmed feminist talks, put on poetry nights, and provide an online platform for all these outlets.
We say get involved.

About Us


Not So Popular are a collaborative group of young artists and writers who live in London. We were all a bit tired of doing lots of work that was never seen by anyone else except our nans, so we joined together to make a mark. 

We have put on art exhibitions, poetry nights and club events. We produce ‘zines and prints. We do this because we want to showcase the work of young artists/writers who want an opportunity to showcase their work. 

Rise above the 9-5. Look it in the teeth, and contribute your work to an issue/ exhibition. Don’t sit around and wait for Saatchi… He’ll never come. He only likes Chinese contemporary art and massive breasts.

We believe in collectives- to work with people, not against them. We believe in personality- a myriad of different voices drumming along the inner-city streets with creative cries.

Not So Popular take their inspiration from the depths of cultural talent because everything from Van Gogh’s ear to Brian Harvey’s baked potato were not so popular at one point.


              Jade French

Founder/Editor/Events Organiser 

Jade is a writer, editor, and occasional poet. She founded Not So Popular because she wanted to be able to provide a platform for the talented people she kept bumping into. Through curation and events, she has developed Not So Popular from a blog to a collective that produces print media, short films, online content and live performance. In 2013, she edited the book Let’s Start A Pussy Riot, a collaborative piece of work that brought together intersectional feminist voices to discuss Pussy Riot and the issues they stood up for. Since then, she has spoken on the matter in a variety of settings, including   Oxford, Manchester and Queen Mary Universities, Festival Number 6 and the Southbank Centre. 

            Olivia Hennessy

Editor/ Producer/ Events Organiser

Olivia is a writer, editor and producer living in London. She first got involved with feminism and Not So Popular after being told that “girls aren’t funny”, a small insult for her but a giant leap for womankind. With a professional background in arts events and production, she also writes scripts for drama in the continuing fight for female funniness. 

Olivia’s passion comes from the engagement of politics and art – whether comedy, canvas or somebody’s unmade bed (thanks Tracey), her writing, production and curation for Not So Popular is consistently prompted by cultural and contemporary issues. 

As Not So Popular move from ‘zine to broadcast, Olivia is helping to produce short poetry films and the upcoming spate of feminist talks, ‘Not So Forum’.


Rachel Rigby: Editor / Events Organiser              

Emily Carlton: Editor / Producer

Nastasia Alberti: Photographer


Ellen Angus 
Nastasia Alberti
Emy Neu 
Olivia Jeffes 
James Mcloughlin

Hugh Smith / Kate Knowles / Nastasa Cordeaux / Rachel Rigby / Sam O’Hana / Ella Watkins / Hetti Lawrence / Darren Hardie / Philip Likos-Corbett / Jess Brand /  Olivia Hennessy / Jade French / Jane Fayle / Helen Tippell / Phil Grant / Sam Langtree / Rosie Spence / Meryl Corrie / Patrick Norrie / Sarah Boulton / Miranda Holmqvist / Alex Sarychkin / Katie Knowles / Grace Frean / Liv Jeffes / James McLoughlin / Christopher Smail / David Hugh-Jones / Bruno Cooke / Eno Enefiok / Holly Brentnall / Giovanna Macari / Johan Sebastian / Californya 96 /Lottie Lee-Gough / Lilly O’Donnell / Ed East / Steph Kelley / Jacob Middleton / Elisabeth Sherman / Charles Olafare /


Not So Popular were also invovled in the making of Let’s Start A Pussy Riot, a collaborative art book that supports Pussy Riot, activism, feminism, and more. Contributors from the collective donated their work, and NSP’s Jade French is the editor.