Jo Duffy

Jo Duffy

We wore stickers and took to twitter.

We knew our lines should be longer

but we snapped them into blunted words anyway;

we needed them sharp but with no weight, depth or curves.

Lines are lighter with no nuance, easier to hurl across the divide,

the Great British chasm across which we cried that we were ‘Stronger In’

while you howled your need to take back control of the borders,

the fetishized lines around our island

you wanted to fold up like tent poles, rearrange on the floor

while the roof collapsed and turn us into a nation of corners.


But we, in our arrogance, thought we were fine,

we thought let them draw lines in the sand while we

sand down lines of coke on the backs of our iphones

in London, line up for lattes in the land of disposable income,

supposed land of the enlightened

where we left our lights on so bright

that blinding blots jumped in front of our eyes

when we squinted out to the rest of the country;

rundown towns whose electricity we were draining

where it became easier for demagogues to prowl at constant dusk

using distraction tactics and setting traps in the dark,

explaining to forgotten people that the blame lay with

those of darker complexions;

where the barren ground was fertile for sowing the seeds

of what would grow into a national obsession

with nationalism. Who are we now? Where are we going?

Were you born here? Is this the breadline or the queue for the border?

Who are you? Where are you going? Can I see some ID?


We voted Leave.


Now our lines are so stunted they’re not lines at all,

our lines are bigot, our lines are immigrant,

our lines are vowel sounds and horror


The lines we drew while in the EU are ruptured joints,

the lines we thought we knew are paths off a cliff,

the lines are dissolved and breached and broken

And now in this land where ancient ley lines stretch from Glastonbury

to Stone Henge, where polite queues stretch from the loos to

their ends, where we’ve crossed lines and lost friends,

we must find a way

to line up again.

Jamie Thrasivoulou

Jamie Thrasivoulou

Abbie Carter

Abbie Carter