Poetry: Dear Lady Olive

Poetry: Dear Lady Olive

Dear Lady Olive
Words: Nazli Tarzi

Allow me to paint the story of a once beautiful past

Once a breath of serenity, now forcibly downcast

The trees were once happy, till consumed by the days

Their purity lacerated, wait for agony to gateway

I had planted you, awaiting springs of goodness to forecast

I am sorry for the volatility that has ambiguously amassed

Helpless you wilt beneath tidal blackened flames

Will you forgive and grow stronger, for that is all what I aim

Your whimpers haunt silent but do you see why I came

I am your Guardian. With the intent to reclaim & maintain

Uproot what is yours but don’t deny the existence that you slay

Ahh, Persistency parades high & it proves there is a way

Feed me herbal remedies ease this pain, I pray go away

Your torture is unforeseeable, how will I work to educate

The fragrance of your tenderness, this I’ll yearn for all the way

Sweet tunes, singing Palestine, unto when will it be our day

This land is my rifle and my tongue is my knife

Our tales linger bitterly, no surrender this is life

My dreams voyage with me

Yet my neighbor insists to kill me

But No matter what, no matter what, no matter what

Lady Olive, my vow is we will all stay

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