Poetry: Existential

Poetry: Existential

Words: Jade French

I’m having a crisis of an existential nature

Don’t be alarmed…………………………………..

But I can’t feel my toes and every thought

I have turns into badly formed prose and

Even though I’ve turned in for the night my

Body has started to tilt like Sartre’s lazy eye

And suddenly I can’t stop wearing black

Polo necks and rolling cigarettes with one hand…

I flicked on Godard’s primary colors of yesterday and

Karina began to smudge. My heartbeat quickened

Because this must mean something, something about

Choice and free will and I must remember to pick up

Some milk that isn’t moldy, ours has gone off in the fridge.


There is an unbearable lightness to my being

And you keep asking me about my opinions

Always when we’re in bed, when we lie on top

Of each other, disconnected and separate.

It’s absurd that after 40 days of watching

Waiting, beating fists against the partition of

Being and nothingness and drinking Guinness in the sun

We still don’t speak. But you’re so existential right now

That’s you’re choice, I guess.

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