Short Story: Bible For Kids - The Creation

Short Story: Bible For Kids - The Creation

Words: Ian Jones

Before you or I were made, or the continents and seas, or the earth or the stars or the universe or space itself, God thought he would create the world. First he made the heavens and the earth, a mass of whirling clouds and vapours, without form or solidity. And everything was dark.

God saw that he had hardly begun. He said, “Let there be light,” and there was light and God divided the light from the darkness and made day and night.

But there was no shape to anything that he had made so God divided the sky from the earth, and put one on top of the other.

On earth God gathered all the waters together to make the seas. He made the dry land and made grass grow on the land. He made plants that give seeds, and trees that give fruit. And when he saw what he had made, he liked it.

To mark the seasons, the days and the years, God made the sun and the moon and stars to shine in the sky, and God was pleased with these.

Then God made creatures to live on the earth. He made great whales, and the smaller fish, and every creature that moves in the sea, and he made the birds. He was glad that he had made them, and he blessed them and said, “Have children, and fill the sea and the air.”

He also made all the other countless creatures that live on the earth—wild beasts and insects and things that crawl in the soil. And he liked what he had made.

Finally God said, “I will make man. I will make him in my own shape and I will give him power over all the creatures I have made.” So God made man and woman. He blessed them and told them to have children, to live on the earth and to rule over it.

God said, “I have given you plants to eat. And I have given plants for the cattle and for the other beasts, and for every living creature that moves on the earth.”

Then God looked at everything that he had made, and it pleased him.

In six days God had made the heavens and the earth and all its plants and creatures. His work was finished.

So on the seventh day, God rested. He blessed the seventh day, and made it a holy day for ever.

So yeah, that’s how it began. Do you like it? God liked it. He made war and murder and beetroot and Danny Dyer. And he liked it. 

The most incomprehensible part is “there was no shape to anything that he had made so God divided the sky from the earth, and put one on top of the other.” Now I’m a university-educated grown man, and I cannot get my head around that. What the hell did everything look like when the sky was attached to the earth?

I can only think of when I was a small child at tea-time and used to mash up the food on my plate to create an amorphous grey-brown gloop. According to the Holy Book for kids that’s what everything looked like back then, until God sorted it out. Much like how my mum gave me a clout and told me to stop mucking about with me tea. Mums and God, they sort shit out.

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