poetry: dear mr osborne

poetry: dear mr osborne

lets be the new old fashioned
and whine on the internet

as we can’t change the -
or maybe the word is

it is tricky to trust
the government
and those who hate the government
                                    yet wish to govern

i apologise for intruding
on your ideology
but money is the play

can you hear
the one-armed fascists
        the sound ringing

then comes their dialogues
without meaning
just a noise
our questions

greyness in the divided               kingdom
since budget day austerity         grows

the wise

tell the treasury i don’t
treasure them

explain the inequality to me
is it
where you laugh
                      at the idea
                             of the walk
                                        of shame
                                             but does a prostitute laugh
                                      at the idea
                             of the walk
                      of shame
or is it different?

mr osborne
many brainwashed to think he was
a political conqueror

a man who rules yet
has never really
now slipping and sliding
into U turns at every junction
bombs up his sleeve
shards of my wages
smuggled in his pocket

i’d say fuck me
but he’d get
too happy

disgusting disrespected
determined to defecate
my life
his life her life

injustice declared
in the green chamber of
fundamentalist fuckheads

tea party later
            pinky’s up
petty snobs and knobs
              wimps and chimps

rah rah
yah my course at uni
holds the record
for fucking
the most first year

rah rah
yah i flashpacked asia
                         gap year
was going to 'find' myself
but instead
found a ladyboy
             giving me a blowy

rah hah
hah rah

tea party invite
to the taxman       lost in post
                                        stay away sir

endless pits of poorer parties you can attend

ok so
mr osborne

don’t tax us for ostrich or

or the national lottery
jaffa cakes

but do take our blood
for a tampon treat

would you rather spend that money
cleaning the seats on the tube
                               didn't think so

ew aren't women so gross
fit a padlock on my tongue
stop it running loose

you assume our existence
is here for your mockery
imprison us within our bodily processes
               imprison us in vindictive convictions

our economic burden
cut taxes?
you cut
we bleed

     clotting blood

watch your animations
of sexist continuation
cartoons and frosties
three teaspoons of sugar

privatise my practice
privatise my property
privatise my private              

does it apply to all my juices?
charge me for a suck of my tit
and watch my baby cry


osborne is
‘backing people who work
                                    and save’


but who is
backing people who work harder
                                     and can’t save?


he’ll rest now
on his comfy sofa
and second home

ravenous vultures
feeding on the helpless
          destroying cultures

capitalist realms
monetary expansionism
                pecuniary longing
mechanical violence
                 hierarchal dominance

disabled benefits
tainted with his
poisonous thumbs
            disabled suicides kept out the press

no more deaths from esa c -
        - ut to some standard bbc news

propagandise their

trapped in
his money teasing schemes
                       subsidised by
              chi chi chicken shit
                   two bit

osborne, let's
forget the gbp
for a sec

how about the feeling
of being deeply
by your own country

living a dependent life
imagine the depression
then the rejection of
any help to have
an independent life

wheel a mile in my chair

imagination without
involvement is
impossible for deadened tories
a bit like
arousal without
porn is
impossible for deadened hearts

he evicts those labelled
mental health
lack of wealth

it reeks

is it hard for him
to hear those in wheelchairs
and those with minds
in wheelchairs?

government gang culture
mr david icke
may be

do we live to
flee panic
and die
in a man-made drought
of thoughtless clouds passing
                                   above us
whilst we're
waiting and
waiting for
the drop
   just a drop will do

stand up
or don't,
it doesn't really matter

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