Self-worth poetry: 'Ample-some' from Royal Integrity

Self-worth poetry: 'Ample-some' from Royal Integrity


'The idea of being more than enough.'
Photographer: Zurette Smith
Writer: Kayssie K.

You are already enough.
No amount of practice can make you anymore worthy than you already are.

You cannot fill a jug that’s already full, it will only spill over and not everyone is willing to lick your love from the floor.

So don’t waste yourself trying to be everything you already are.

You are beautiful enough.
Everyone has a flavour, so do not be fooled when he says you’re not his. It doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful enough, it simply means his tongue cannot handle you.

His absence does not take away from your beauty.

You’re just as beautiful as the day he said, “you are the one,” and even more beautiful than when he fell in love with you.Now that he has gone, he has left all that beauty for someone else to love, for you to love, just like it should be. So take no shame in smiling at yourmorning face in the mirror.

You don’t need an excuse to love yourself, just because he couldn’t.

You are strong enough!
Even if they say otherwise, the power lies in your will and not their tongues, so do not let them burn you alive. You can walk wherever you want and carry which ever burdens you choose.

So do not let them tell you what’s important to you because you already know.

You are complete!
They are not your breath, so quit holding onto them so tight, you do not NEED them.

Your flaws do not make you any less, but all the more. In fact, you’re so enough that you spill over when try to cup you in their palms, so do not let them convince you to hold on to the leftovers of their flesh, in hopes of being enough. They should only be embellishments bringing light to the parts of you that are easily forgotten.

You are already enough.

YOU are enough!!
There is no better version of you than all of you. So walk with confidence and continue to slay your existence. You can only get better.

If you allow yourself.



Royal Integrity is an upcoming organisation that has an ultimate vision of promoting self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect in a world that encourages self-hate and disrespect. Royal Integrity is willing to challenge and silence the voice of society telling us we are unworthy to be heard because we weren't born a certain way. Their personal challenge is to shift your perspective, even if it's just for a second. They want you to see yourself as who you truly are, Royalty, Queens and Kings of this generation, ready to conquer and be heard.

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