Resistance Poetry: We are the Crowd.

Resistance Poetry: We are the Crowd.

We are the crowd,
the protest and the
disbelief. We, the crowd,

take on a voice,
in many tones and rhythms,
fuelled by shock and the
urge to break
the silence
the appeasement.

A sign stands above heads that roll:
'silence is complicity'.

They shout and strain their voices,
      We are awkward in our expression.

Stifled in bewilderment, it is through placards
of amusements and puns that
we try to find the note of the rebel, the
power of purpose, the core of what
we want. 

We are the crowd.

As we leave, sit-ins continue and news feeds
flicker with call to action and filters,
police gear up and banners
                           fall. The Internet captures

all for now, but do we revert to shadows again?
Where does the anger flee and the
pain linger?

And although we have left
the pavements of Downing Street, and
although May is coated in shame
for just one night, we are still
that crowd.

But as we step into our worlds, onto the
platform and into the tube
do we once more avert one another's
eyes, does our gaze
turn to haze
and does silence become complicity
once more? Or does the crowd persist?

Regardless, the echoes of our chants
follow us, stalk us, down
into the tunnels, whether powerful or
playful they sing their song in chambers:

"Yellow hair, tiny hands, we don't want your Muslim bans."

We fight back.
We fight back.
We fight back.

Words & Image: Nataša Cordeaux
Instagram: ticaux


On Monday 30th January 2017, thousands of people gathered across the UK to protest against Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries, his indefinite bar on Syrian refugees and his planned UK state visit.

Around 10,000 people were thought to have marched on Downing Street in London, with the crowd stretching the length of Whitehall by 7pm. Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham also had large demonstrations.

Read more from the Guardian here.

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