Get To Know: London's Underground Grime Artists

Get To Know: London's Underground Grime Artists

Main Image: Lil Simz takes a break at Red Bull Studios NYC © Ryan Muir/Red Bull Content Pool

Not So Popular's Zoë Snelling sets the London grime scene, giving you the next seven up-and-coming artists to be on the look out for. 

London. The city of dreams. Home to an immensely diverse culture with music at the city's core. As London is home to many different people, with many different musical tastes, it's not surprising that so many different genres have been born here. Grime is no exception.

In the rap scene, London has become renowned for it’s grime subculture. When you think of grime, you instantly think of London - the city where it was born, bred and cultivated - the stomping ground of the likes of Skepta, JME, D double E, and Kano, where their elevating awareness of the genre worldwide.

Although 17 years on from its birth, the development of technology has seen grime culture spread globally. We have the ability and power to listen to music from across the seas with a click of a button. For grime, this means exposure and as many artists are finding inspiration beyond their local roots and more through global music trends, grime is coming to the forefront. 

So as you'll probably already know the 'big names', we're covering a different aspect of London’s rap culture; the city's lesser known, but not lesser, influential rap artists who have merged the city's musical legacy with beats from across the globe.

1. Danny Seth

North London born rapper Danny moved to the US to make a name for himself. Now on tour, he is depicting not only his art, but his nation, epitomised in his new slogan “the British are coming”.

2. Lil Simz

Singer, rapper and actress Lil Simz has a refreshing new take on rap music. Her bars are as bad a her attitude.

3. Daniel OG

Creating new waves for London, with his simple yet catchy lyrics over melodious instrumentals; he is bringing something so different to the scene. Best known for his “art attack” polo in his recent track “plan”.

4. 808INK

The same goes for 808INK, mellow and creative, it’s hard to pin point their exact style, they just make good music, and are completely unique to themselves.

5. Tailrmdelvn

His lethargic rap style is concocted alongside some smooth instrumentals, just makes you want to drink cocktails on a rooftop bar in London...

6. New World Ray

Very new to the London territory with only a couple of releases, but undoubtedly will be play a big part in the rap scene of the future.

7. Lancy Faux

Dubbed the British version of Yung Thug, he raps on mostly upbeat instrumentals, visibly influenced but the U.S.

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