Get Out of The Funk: Top Tips for All Creative Blocks

Get Out of The Funk: Top Tips for All Creative Blocks

Main Illustration: Nataša Cordeaux aka Ticaux
Words: Zoë Snelling

Are you what we call a creative? Do you enjoy expressing yourself through an art form? From drawing, to singing, writing, playing an instrument, beat-making etcetera... If you enjoy making art and more importantly you enjoy your own art, you'll know that there are times where no matter how inspired you feel, nothing comes out, nothing you are proud of.

Start again, delete, repeat, until you feel drained and mentally exhausted.

This is what you'll be calling a “creative block”, and don't worry, you are not alone. This happens to the best of us, and is just typical in the daily life of a virtuoso.

As the saying goes, you find what you want when you stop looking for it, and this rings true in most cases, therefore here's some key steps to get you out of the funk and unleashing your creative powers.

Step 1: Momentarily Walk Away.

I’m not saying that after trying for five minutes you should walk away and rethink your whole life plan. Just spend 30 minutes occupying yourself with something you enjoy such as reading a book, listening to your favourite music, or going for a stroll. By distracting yourself momentarily, you are making space for more positive, creative thoughts to enter your mind.

Step 2: Meditate.

Calm your mind and you'll be surprised with the outcomes. Not only is meditation good for your mental health it can have extremely beneficial effects on your body, soul, and outlook on life.

Step 3: Try A Bit Of Reflection.


Try and look deep into your psyche, what is causing this mental block, is it an important deadline coming up, or some sort of an internal or external conflict? Its funny how the stress to achieve, often causes us to be less productive, if you can relate to this, carry on reading.

Step 4: Stop Putting Pressure on Yourself.

Carrying on from Step 3, if you find yourself worrying too much, the only answer to this mental tug of war is to relieve some of this pressure you are putting on yourself. Worrying is doing you no good, and is only having negative effects on your enthusiasm.

Step 5: Experiment with Different Techniques.


Tried everything, and still not working? My next piece of advice would be to engage in different techniques when it comes to your workflow. Do you have your own set style when it comes to writing, or do you have a set approach when coming up with a new track, or just maybe it’s life trying to tell you to try something new.

Step 6: Renew Your Mindset.

Don’t see this issue as frustrating no matter how much you want to punch a wall or have a mental breakdown, this happens to the best of us, and can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself, about how you work under pressure, how you can reach deadlines, and lastly, it is an opportunity to expand your creative mind. Besides we learn new things about ourselves everyday.

Best of luck. Z.

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